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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Quadratus Lumborum

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

Video extract from "Treating Low Back Pain" NAT Course - Presented by Dr. Jonathan Kuttner M.D.    Lower Back Pain (LBP) and especially chronic LBP is often associated with trigger points in the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) muscles. The QL is small muscle that punches way above its weight. The QL laterally flexes the vertebral column; fixes the 12th rib during deep respiration (e.g. helps stabilize diaphragm for singers exercising voice control); and helps extend the lumbar part of the vertebral column, and provide it with lateral stability. Being such an active muscle, trigger points form in the QL for a...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating the QL

Posted by Julian Knight on

  Treating the QL - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner   Visit Online Store   Trigger Points in the QL are known by some as the "masters" of lower back pain! (Latin quadratus, squared; lumbus, loin) Whilst the quadratus lumborum (QL) is a small muscle it plays a vital role in body mechanics enabling us to maintain our upright posture. Trigger points in the QL are almost always associated with acute low back pain complaints, especially those cases where the pain is so severe that the client cannot stand.QL trigger points are also often associated with sciatica-type symptoms and hip pain.   Quadratus Lumborum...

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Trigger Point Therapy - Non-Specific Lower Back Pain

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Trigger Points in the Quadratus Lumborum are a frequent cause of acute lower back pain   Most episodes of LBP are self-limited, however, episodes do tend to become more frequent with age LBP is most commonly due to repeated stress on the lumbar spine over many years (“degeneration”), although an acute injury may cause the initiation of pain. Mechanical back pain may also result from trauma, posture, occupation, or overuse. As a rule morning pain would suggest some type of inflammatory process. If the pain gets worse during activity or as the day goes on, this might indicate a muscular...

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Stretching for Pain Relief - Quadratus Lumborum

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

TECHNIQUE Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then slowly bend to the side and reach over the top of your head with your hand. Do not bend forward. MUSCLES BEING STRETCHED Primary muscles: Quadratus lumborum. External and internal obliques. Latissimus dorsi.Secondary muscles: Teres minor. Iliocostalis lumborum. Intertransversarii. Rotatores. Multifidus. INJURY WHERE STRETCH MAY BE USEFUL Lower back muscle strain. Lower back ligament sprain. Abdominal muscle strain (obliques). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR PERFORMING THIS STRETCH CORRECTLY Do not lean forward or backward; concentrate on keeping your upper body straight.      Find a Trigger Point Professional in your area Recent Blogs and...

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