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Trigger Points - Digastricus

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

  Latin digastricus, having two (muscle) bellies Origin Anterior belly: digastric fossa on inner side of lower border of mandible, near symphysis. Posterior belly: mastoid notch of temporal bone.   a) Posterior, b) Anterior     Insertion Body of hyoid bone via a fascial sling over an intermediate tendon. Action Raises hyoid bone. Depresses and retracts mandible as in opening the mouth. Nerve Anterior belly: mylohyoid nerve, from trigeminal V nerve (mandibular division). Posterior belly: facial (V11) nerve. Trigger Point Referred Pain  Anterior: lower four incisor teeth, tongue, and lip, occasionally to chin. Posterior: strong 2 cm zone around mastoid...

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Lateral Pterygoid Muscle - Trigger Point Release

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

Tips for Treating Trigger Points - Lateral Pterygoid   Trigger Points in the Lateral Pterygoid are a Common Cause of Cheek Pain  The superior head of the lateral pterygoid is sometimes called the sphenomeniscus, because it inserts into the disc of the temporomandibular joint. ORIGIN Superior head: lateral surface of greater wing of sphenoid. Inferior head: lateral surface of lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid.     Lateral Pterygoid Trigger Points      INSERTION Superior head: capsule and articular disc of the temporomandibular joint. Inferior head: neck of mandible. ACTION Protrudes mandible. Opens mouth. Moves mandible from side to side (as...

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