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Trigger Point Therapy - Intrinsic Hand Muscles

Posted by Christopher Hamze on

  Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand - Trigger Point Overview   Painful conditions of the hands have been on the increase for the last 10 years. This is at least partly attributed to the use of hand-held smart devices. A painful thumb, fingers or hand can be pretty uncomfortable and debilitating and clients often assume that they are suffering from some form of arthritis or the well-known carpal tunnel syndrome. In fact, many of these cases are related to trigger points that can be quite easily treated.   Common Trigger Point Sites - Adductor Pollicis (A), Opponens Pollicis (B)    ...

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Arthritis or Trigger Points?

Posted by Jane Ziegler on

     Anatomy and Trigger Points - Opponens Pollicis and Adductor Pollicis     Opponens Pollicis / Adductor Pollicis The symptoms caused by trigger points in these muscles are often mistaken for arthritis. Origin Opponens pollicis: flexor retinaculum. Tubercle of trapezium. Adductor pollicis: oblique fibers: anterior surfaces of 2nd and 3rd metacarpals, capitate, and trapezoid. Transverse fibers: palmar surface of 3rd metacarpal bone. Insertion Opponens pollicis: entire length of radial border of 1st metacarpal. Adductor pollicis: ulna (medial) side of base of proximal phalanx of thumb. Action Opponens pollicis: opposes (i.e. abducts, then slightly medially rotates, followed by flexion and adduction) thumb...

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Detailed Hand Massage - Unlocking Tension in the Upper Body

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

  Extract from the online Course - Detailed Hand Massage for Upper Body Release (Course Details)    When did you last get a good hand massage? TASK, stop and reflect: Bring to mind some of your specific clients and the jobs they do – how much do they use their hands and how much hand massage do they get? Often hand massage is little more than a gentle stroke over the hands.We all know how good our backs and necks will feel after a good massage - that stretching out feeling when it feels like your back is moving properly...

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Intrinsic Muscles of the Hand - Stretching

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

    Stretching Intrinsic Hand Muscles - Jonathan Kuttner   The intrinsic muscles of the hand are generally taken for granted, as they are involved in so many aspects of daily life.  A decrease in functionality (pain, restricted range of movement) will create a significant negative impact on people's lives. Damage to these muscles make it difficult for people to perform simple daily tasks such as handling money, opening doors, typing, or using a mobile phone. In many cases, the affected intrinsic muscles will have an adverse affect on other hand structures that aren't themselves injured. Typically, these will include the...

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