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Trigger Point Therapy - Levator Scapulae (Stretch)

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

Stretching the Levator Scapulae, and applying heat, following ICT treatment for trigger points - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner 


Ischemic Compression Technique for Levator Scapulae


Levator Scapulae

The levator scapulae is deep to the SCM and the trapezius. It is named after its action of elevating the scapula. It also helps bend the neck laterally.

Trigger points in the levator scapulae typically refer pain in a triangular pattern from the top of the scapula to the nape of the neck. In some cases pain will also refer slightly to the medial border of the scapula and the posterior of the glenohumeral joint.


Levator Scapulae - Common trigger point sites and referred pain map












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