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Taping Trigger Points - The Deltoids

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Taping for Trigger Points - Stuart Hinds


Trigger Points - Deltoids

The deltoid, along with supraspinatus and associated rotator cuff muscles, will regularly develop myofascial trigger points as result of reduced core efficiency.

Failure to translate forces from the lower body to the shoulder will result in arthrokinematic stress and the formation of active myofascial trigger points. The restoration of core neuromuscular efficiency will provide a foundation for myofascial trigger point therapy, utilizing neuromuscular therapy, taping and medical exercise.

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Pain is felt as a dull ache for the most part, with increased pain on contraction of the muscle or when attempts are made to move the arm. Pain is most often mistaken for bursitis or rotator cuff injury.

It is worthwhile checking the muscles that refer pain into the deltoid (SITS, pectorals, and scalenes) as the true source of deltoid pain. Deltoid myofascial trigger points are more often than not satellite myofascial trigger points.


Deltoid Trigger Points

Deltoids - Common Trigger Point Sites


About Stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds is one of Australia’s leading soft tissue therapists, with over 25 years of experience as practitioner, working with elite athletes, supporting Olympic teams, educating and mentoring others as well as running a highly successful clinic.

Recognised for his expertise in working with Elite Athletes, Stuart has played a key role in soft tissue support with the Australian Olympics Team including - 2012 London Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2000 Sydney Olympics).


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