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Trigger Point Therapy - NAT for Horses?

Posted by Judith Winer on

Andy Eckley - TP Therapist, and Equine Therapist
Andy Eckley is a trigger point therapist and equine therapist who has a private practice in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire in the north of England. Andy is certified in a number of NAT techniques, and has successfully adapted the NAT frozen shoulder technique for the treatment of horses.

In addition to his practice, Andy works with vets and massage therapists in various countries in Europe. He teaches professionals who work with horses to better detect and treat pain in the animals. As a soft tissue therapist and equine therapist, Andy believes strongly that “often, the test of an effective treatment is whether it works on animals.”

Andy also works as an animal safety representative on the sets of films for the American Humane Association. In this role, he makes sure that the animals on the set are taken care of properly and are not mistreated. He has worked on American television commercials, Disney movies, and on the set of 2 Johnny Depp films.

Thanks for sending us this video Andy.

We're sure that many of our colleagues will be as interested as we are to see this application of trigger point therapy!
Horses -Common Trigger Point Sites


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