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Simeon Niel Asher BSc (Ost), BPhil

Simeon has spent over 20 years studying, teaching, and writing about trigger points and trigger point therapy. He is author of the best selling Concise Book of Trigger Points as well as over 20 other books on trigger point therapy; and a regular visiting lecturer at universities, and hospitals. He combines this with treating part time at his clinic in London. 

When not working, Simeon is likely to be found enjoying asian food, or talking about trigger points!

Simeon is Chairman and Founder of Niel Asher Healthcare


Stephen Marks

Steve spent 6 years as Managing Director of Olive Software Europe, before joining Niel Asher Healthcare in 2012 to steer the transition of the business to the web and the brave new world of social media and digital publishing. He is passionate about sports, alternative medicine, and content marketing.

When not working, Steve is likely to be found watching soccer, or walking (and talking to) his 3 year-old border collie.

Steve is Chief Executive of Niel Asher Healthcare


Judith Winer

Judith joined Niel Asher Healthcare 3 years ago after a management career at Barclays Bank followed by a number of years combining stay-at-home mom with running her own jewellery business. Judith has overall responsibility for finance and operations. She is passionate about the pursuit of excellence in everything.

When not working, Judith is likely to be found cooking, and occasionally out on a bike!

Judith is Chief Operations Office at Niel Asher Healthcare.


Melissa Abecasis

Melissa joined Niel Asher Healthcare in 2012 following 3 years at the Department of Health and Human Services (DHSS) in NY, where she worked in external affairs managing a series of community outreach programs. Melissa manages support and customer services and is passionate about making people happy, and inspires her team to do just that, everyday.

When not working, Melissa is likely to be found helping her boyfriend study for his medicine exams.

Melissa is Head of Customer Services at Niel Asher Healthcare.


Talia Tzadok BSc (Physiotherapy)

Talia is responsible for research and editing at Niel Asher Healthcare, a job that she combines with teaching, consulting to retirement homes, and treating patients. Talia qualified at Witwatersrand University, South Africa, and for the past decade has been a vociferous proponent of self-help education, with a special focus on the needs of the retirement-age community.

When not working, Talia is likely to be found running around chasing after her kids!





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