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NAT Master Course - Treating Common Headaches (Free Gift)

NAT Master Course - Treating Common Headaches (Free Gift)

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This home learning module can be used as a stand-alone course, or as a compliment to the Anatomy of Pain NAT master course.

Weaving trigger points into your massage or soft tissue routines can have truly profound effects. We show you the trigger point techniques that are based on current best-practice and latest evidence. In addition, the course will provide you with the ability to advise on self-help, and lifestyle modification, all designed to improve your ability to help the majority of headache sufferers.

The 5-hour course work includes written material (129 pages) and an online reflective learning exam.

Course contents are fully illustrated and include:

Tension Type Headaches; Cervicogenic Headaches; Migraine Headaches; Medication Overuse Headaches; Cluster and Sinus Headaches; Greater Occipital Neuralgia; TMJD Headache; Examination and Testing; Differential Diagnosis: The Main Muscles; Trigger Points 101; Treatment; NAT Algorithm; Advice and Exercises for your clients.


Suitable for all massage therapists, manual therapists, bodyworkers



NAT Treating Common Headaches (INCLUDES NAT CERTIFICATION) - $29.95


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