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  • "Buy One, Get One Free" - How does it work?

  • How many CEUs does a course have accreditation for?

  • Will the CEUs show on my certificate?

  • What do I receive with the Digital Edition of a course?

  • What do I receive with the Print Edition of a course?

  • How do I get access to the digital edition of my course?

  • Course - How long does it take?

  • What is a Customer Account used for?

  • How do I create a Customer Account?

  • How do I sign in to my Customer Account?

  • Where do I take my exam?

  • What is the pass mark for the exam?

  • When do I get my certificate?

  • How do I place an order in your store?

  • In what currency will I be charged for my order?

  • Will I be charged customs duties or import taxes?

  • Where can I find more information about NAT Membership?

  • What is NAT Certification?

  • How do I accumulate NAT credits?

  • How do I get an NAT presentation certificate?

  • How can I download my free course badge(s)?

  • My order didn't arrive - what should I do?

  • I have lost my course access details - what should I do?

  • Where can I find my passcode?

  • Do you ship worldwide?

  • What is the Virtual Classroom?

  • What is

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