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Team NAT - Affiliate Program


How does it work?

It couldn't be easier. As soon as you complete your online application (takes 90 seconds or less) we will send you a link to place on your website and social media pages.

The link is unique to you, so that we can pay you a commission every time anyone who uses that link, buys NAT courses or products.


Team NAT Ad Banners

Download from a choice of 50+ ads and banners. These will already have your link embedded, so all you need to do is post them on your website.


Easy, easy, easy!

1. Facebook - Do you share our Facebook posts? next time you share a post, include your unique affiliate link. When your friends and colleagues click on your link to visit our website, you'll earn commission anytime that they buy NAT courses or products.

2. Your Website - You can easily download NAT banners to place on your website. When you download a banner from your affiliate dashboard, your unique link will already be embedded. Place the banners on your website and wait for the cash to roll in!

3. Send emails to your friends and colleagues telling them about your experience with products and courses that you have bought from NAT. Include your affiliate link and ask them to visit our site. Any time they buy, you earn your commission!


Team NAT Affiliate Dashboard

Easy to use dashboard allows you to keep track of your monthly commissions in real time. 


How do you get paid?

At the end of every month you'll receive a statement detailing all transactions attributed to visitors using your unique affiliate link.

You will then receive payment by Paypal.

We currently offer a commission of 12.5% for all purchases (all products and courses listed on our website).



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