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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Ankle Pain in Runners

Posted by Stuart Hinds on

Left untreated, ankle pain and stiffness can become the cause of more serious pain disorders of the hip and knee.

It's pretty common for all runners (not just athletes) to develop trigger points in the muscles of the leg and foot. Trigger points in the ankles not only refer pain, but by making their host muscles shorter and less efficient, they may often become the route cause of common knee, hip and pelvic injuries.

When treating professional athletes, it's important to check for even the smallest signs of ankle pain and/or stiffness. The same should be applied for all of your clients who run, jog, or walk regularly (especially on hard surfaces). Don't overlook the small superficial muscles of the foot and ankle.

Stuart Hinds is a Team NAT lecturer and has been a soft tissue therapist for the Australian Olympic Team since Sydney 2000.

Tess Kirsopp-Cole is Australia's current U18 National 400 meter Champion


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