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NAT Trigger Point Course for Yoga Instructors

NAT Trigger Point Course for Yoga Instructors
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Written in a straightforward style, the substantial and beautifully illustrated course book (232 pages) functions both as an entry-level textbook and an authoritative reference for even the most experienced exercise professional.

The first six chapters describe the physiology of trigger points. The following six chapters are organized by muscle group, with each 2-page spread featuring detailed colour illustrations of each major skeletal muscle, accompanied by an explanation of each muscle’s origin, insertion, action, and function. The physiological implications of the trigger points in each muscle are presented in detail, along with all the information you need to build strengthening and stretching programs to help your clients dissipate trigger points and avoid potential injury.


  • Latest evidence-based trigger point techniques
  • Easily integrate trigger points into your training
  • Build effective injury prevention programs for your clients
  • Free NAT Stretching for Pain Relief Program


NAT courses are accredited for continued education in the USA, UK and Canada. Check with your association or licensing board for more information. This course is rated as 20 hours CE/CPD. 

Note: As of June 1st, 2016, the course text has been upgraded to The Concise Book of Trigger Points (3rd Edition).




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