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NAT Frozen Shoulder + Complex Shoulder + TP Tool Kit (13 CEU's)

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The Niel Asher Technique (NAT) is an evidence-based trigger point therapy treatment for frozen shoulder and other complex shoulder conditions. 

A multi-centre study of 152 patients (IJOM, 2014) showed 86% of frozen shoulder patients who were treated with NAT, reporting a full recovery.

These two NAT courses cover the full spectrum of the NAT for frozen shoulder as well as modifications for a broad range of complex shoulder complaints, including: 

Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy; Shoulder Impingement Syndrome; Biceps Tendinopathy; Shoulder Arthritis; Acromio-clavicular degeneration; CRPS 1; and Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis). 


The Access Course is 3 hrs Home Study. The Master Course is 5 hrs Home Study. Both courses include video material that you can watch online or download.


What's included?

NAT Frozen Shoulder Access Course + NAT Complex Shoulder Master Course + NAT certification + Online Exams + 1 x Trigger Point Tool Kit (4 items, as shown).

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NAT Trigger Point Therapy Course Frozen Shoulder  

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NAT Trigger Point Certified

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NAT Frozen Shoulder/Complex Shoulder + Trigger Point Tools: $89.95


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