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The Concise Book of Muscles

The Concise Book of Muscles

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This fully revised digital edition of The Concise Book of Muscles presents detailed, full-color anatomical drawings and clear, succinct text that identify all the major muscles, showing the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of each muscle.

The book’s distinctive quick-reference format makes complicated topics accessible and easy to understand for medical students and others entering the world of anatomy and movement.

Readers will be introduced to biotensegrity, the new emerging explanation of living motion and human architecture. Newly updated material on clinical anatomy ensures that students have accurate anatomical information concerning nerves, myofascial structures, and actions.


Trigger Point Therapy - Concise Book of Muscles


About the Authors

The late Chris Jarmey, M.C.S.P., D.S., M.R.S.S., qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 1979, and taught anatomy, shiatsu, qigong, and bodywork therapy throughout Europe.

John Sharkey, M.Sc., is founder and director of the National Training Center in Ireland. An accepted and recognized authority and researcher in clinical anatomy, human movement and manual medicine, Sharkey is a popular international presenter and keynote speaker.

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