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Rehabilitation / Resistance Balls - Set of 5

Rehabilitation / Resistance Balls - Set of 5

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Whilst stress balls can help you do exactly that (relieve stress!), they are also an important rehabilitation aid for injuries and painful conditions of elbow, arm and fingers.

Recommended Use

Recommended for home use following and between treatment for trigger points of the elbow, forearm and hand.

This set of 5 durable stress ball includes 2 x light resistance and 3 x stronger resistance. Made from TPR and designed to last.


- Brand: PBP
- Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple.
- Marerial: TPR.
- Size: Approx 5.3 * 5.3 * 5.3cm/2.09 * 2.09 * 2.09inch(L*W*H).
- Made of TPR, the stress relief ball will keep its original shape after being repeatedly compressed.
- Includes 2 types of therapy balls. The resistance levels include: Yellow and Green (slightly soft); Blue, purple and Red (moderately hard).
- Designed to help relieve stress and strengthen your hands, forearms and fingers. with simple exercise. 
- Suitable for all ages.

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