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NAT Home Study Value Pack - Frozen Shoulder + Treating Common Headaches (6 CEU's)

NAT Home Study Value Pack - Frozen Shoulder + Treating Common Headaches (6 CEU's)

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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating Common Headaches

This course is designed to help you understand common headaches in detail, and to offer you a clear hands-on pathway for their treatment and management with trigger point therapy.

The 3-hour course work includes written material (129 pages) and a reflective learning exam. Course contents are fully illustrated and include:

Tension Type Headaches; Cervicogenic Headaches; Migraine Headaches; Medication Overuse Headaches; Cluster and Sinus Headaches; Greater Occipital Neuralgia; TMJD Headache; Examination and Testing; Differential Diagnosis: The Main Muscles; Trigger Points 101; Treatment; NAT Treatment Protocols.

NAT - Frozen Shoulder Access Course

The Niel Asher Technique (NAT) is the only evidence based trigger point therapy treatment for frozen shoulder. A multi-centre study of 152 patients in UK & USA (IJOM, 2014) showed 86% of recipients reporting a full recovery with an average of 7.9 sessions.

The technique is sequential and is easy to learn for any trained manual therapist. Once learned, the technique will also provide useful insights for the treatment of other less complex shoulder conditions.

5-hour Online Access Course includes video content and fully illustrated written material (122 pages).


Trigger Point Therapy Course


NAT Trigger Point Home Study 6 CEU Value Pack - $49.95

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