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Treating Sciatic Pain - Case History




Treating Sciatic Pain  - Video Classes

1. Anatomy

2. Straight Leg Assessment

3. Slump Test

4. Pace Test

5. Intervertebral Disc Anatomy

5. Intervertebral Disc Pathology

7. Facet Joint

8. Iliolumbar Ligament

9. Gluteal Muscles

10. Piriformis / SI Joint

11. Quadratus Femoris

12. Peripheral Nerve Entrapments

13. Case History - Tom's Journey


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NAT Certified Trigger Point Therapist


NAT Certification

On completion of this course and exam you will receive a CE certificate. In addition to any qualifying CE credits, you will also earn (5) NAT credits. The minimum number of credits required for NAT L1 certification is (10).


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