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Trigger Point Therapy - Taping

Posted by Arnold Fomo on

Taping techniques are increasingly performed after trigger point therapy sessions to “unload” the treated muscle The use of taping has become increasingly common as an adjunct to manual therapy, and trigger point therapy offers a number of excellent opportunities to exploit the benefits of taping. Like so many manual therapy techniques, there is simply too little research to make a strong case one way or another for the benefits of taping. However, most therapists who use taping will tell you that it is often extremely effective as a method of providing support to weakened muscles whilst providing full range of motion for the...

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Trigger Pointy Therapy - The Physiology of Muscle Contraction

Posted by Simeon Niel Asher on

  Understanding Nerve Impulse and Muscle Action Each muscle fiber is innervated by a single motor nerve fiber, ending near the middle of the muscle fiber. A single motor nerve fiber and all the muscle fibers it supplies is known as a motor unit. The number of muscle fibers supplied by a single nerve fiber is dependent upon the movement required. When an exact, controlled degree of movement is required, such as in eye or finger movement, only a few muscle fibers are supplied; when a bigger movement is required, as in large muscles like gluteus maximus, several hundred fibers...

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Trigger Point Therapy - What Can a Massage Therapist Do For You?

Posted by Simeon Niel Asher on

  Massage therapists are better regulated, better educated, and better trained than ever before.  Massage therapy has gained tremendous recognition in recent years as an effective form of pain relief and treatment for many common musculoskeletal disorders. As an osteopath, I work alongside practitioners from all the main manual therapy disciplines every day. Manual therapy has evolved significantly over the past 3 decades, and in my opinion, no profession has evolved further than massage therapy. Today's massage therapists are better regulated, better educated, and better trained than ever before.  What do massage therapists do? Massage therapy is about more than...

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