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Trigger Point Therapy - Quadratus Femoris

Posted by Stuart Hinds on


Treating Quadratus Femoris - Stuart Hinds


Notes to the Video Above

Pain is felt locally in the posterior pubis and lower gluteal area. Clients typically report with pain that interrupts sleeping and pain that get's worse when walking downstairs.

Be careful to avoid the sciatic nerve, which runs almost midline and is palpable at a thumb width just beneath the gluteal crease.


Quadratus Femoris Trigger Points

  Quadratus Femoris











This trigger point therapy blog is intended to be used for information purposes only and is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment or to substitute for a medical diagnosis and/or treatment rendered or prescribed by a physician or competent healthcare professional. This information is designed as educational material, but should not be taken as a recommendation for treatment of any particular person or patient. Always consult your physician if you think you need treatment or if you feel unwell. 




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  • Would a problem with this quadratis femoris make it painful for a patient to lean sideways toward that side?

    Debbie on

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