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Treating Gastrocnemius

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Treating Trigger Points in Gastrocnemius - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner


Ischemic Compression Technique


The gastrocnemius is the largest and most superficial of the calf muscles. It has the soleus and tibialis posterior muscles lying deep to it.

Gastrocnemius trigger points are a common cause of painful injuries. Thankfully these trigger points are easy to identify and treat.

Trigger points in these muscles will often refer pain even in their latent sate. This is common for people who stand or walk for long periods daily, especially ladies who wear high heeled shoes.

When these trigger points are active, they typically refer pain to the back of the knee, calf, heel, and foot.


Gastrocnemius Trigger Point Self Help

Recommended Self help Tool - Jacknobber. Use the Jacknobber's "feet" to hold it in place whilst you massage the calf muscles by moving your leg.









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