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Low Back Pain - Erector Spinae Muscles

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 Taping for Low Back Pain - Erector Spinae Trigger Points


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Erector Spinae Muscles

  • Iliocostalis. Iliocostalis cervicis. Iliocostalis thoracis. Iliocostalis lumborum.
  • Longissimus. Longissimus capitis. Longissimus cervicis. Longissimus thoracis.
  • Spinalis. Spinalis capitis. Spinalis cervicis. Spinalis thoracis.

The erector spinae, also called the sacrospinalis, comprise three sets of muscles organized in parallel columns. From lateral to medial, they are: iliocostalis, longissimus, and spinalis.


Erector Spinae Trigger Points

Erector Spinae Trigger Points



Slips of muscle arising from the sacrum. Iliac crest. Spinous and transverse processes of vertebrae. Ribs.


Ribs. Transverse and spinous processes of vertebrae. Occipital bone.


Extends and laterally exes vertebral column (i.e. bending backward
and sideways). Helps maintain correct curvature of spine in the erect and sitting positions. Steadies the vertebral column on the pelvis during walking.

Antagonist: rectus abdominis.


Dorsal rami of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal nerves.

Basic Functional Movement

Keeps back straight (with correct curvatures), therefore maintains posture.


Erector Spinae Trigger Point Pain Map


Iliocostalis Lumborum Trigger Points


Longissimus Thoracis Trigger Points


Referred Pain

Thoracic spine—iliocostalis: medially toward the spine, and anteriorly toward the abdomen.

Lumbar spine—iliocostalis: mid buttock.

Thoracic spine—iliocostalis: buttock and sacroiliac area.


Low back pain (especially after lifting), reduced range of motion in the spine, low back pain (from sitting/standing/climbing stairs), low grade back ache worsening toward the end of the day.

Common Causes

Poor posture, playing musical instruments, lying on front with head propped up, poor glasses, upper crossed pattern, kyphosis, scoliosis, wear and tear, cold drafts/ air conditioning, vertebral alignment issues, certain sports (e.g. archery), tight shirt/tie, depression.

Differential Diagnosis

Angina. Visceral pain. Radiculopathy. Ligamentous, discogenic, sacroiliac. Piriformis. Pathological: aortic aneurysm. Visceral pathology. Space-occupying lesion. Pelvic in ammatory disease.


Pectoralis major.

Common Techniques

Spray and Stretch YES
Dry Needling YES
Deep Stroking Massage YES
Compression YES
Muscle Energy YES
Positional Release YES
Wet Needling YES
Taping YES



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