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Dry Needling - Iliocostalis and Longissimus

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Medical Acupuncture/Dry Needling for Trigger Points - Dr. Jonathan Kuttner


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These muscles are constantly working - and vulnerable to active trigger points

The Iliocostalis and Longissimus are both very long back muscles that run parallel with the spine.

Pain from active trigger points is typically referred downwards into the lower, mid and upper the back.


Longissimus Trigger Points

Longissimus pain pattern 1 - refers down into the lower back



Longissimus Trigger Point Location

Longissimus pain pattern 2 - pain referred down into buttock



Iliocostalis Trigger Point

Iliocostalis pain pattern 1 - refers down into the mid back



Iliocostalis Trigger Point Pain Map

Iliocostalis pain pattern 2 - refers into the upper back



Iliocostalis Trigger Points

Iliocostalis pain pattern 3 - refers down into the buttock



These muscles are used almost all the time when you are awake, as they are both important "posture" muscles. It is this constant activity that makes them so vulnerable to developing active trigger points.











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