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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome - Sports Massage Therapy

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Treating Cubital Tunnel Syndrome



Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is sometimes known as “funny bone” syndrome, but there is nothing funny about a traumatized Ulnar nerve

The Ulnar nerve is one of the three key nerves supplying sensation and power to the arm, wrist, and hand.

The Ulnar Nerve is positioned in a slightly vulnerable position in the Cubital Fossa, where it can become traumatized; even sitting and leaning elbows on armrests or a desk can be enough to do this.


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Point Therapy

Any intense physical activity that adds pressure to the nerve can cause CTS, sometimes including abnormal bone growth in the elbow region.

CTS (Ulnar Neuropathy) is a condition that is caused by compression to the ulnar nerve, often by connective tissue or bone but sometimes functionally by trigger points (especially in the Flexor Carpi Radialis and Ulnaris) muscles.


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Trigger Point Therapy

When a trigger point develops, the host muscle becomes shorter, thicker, and less efficient. Because muscles are made up of 75% water and water does not compress well, they become functionally swollen, which often leads to a taut band that can have further pressure effects on local tissues.

Any change in shoulder, wrist, or elbow mechanics over time may manifest in areas of tight muscles where trigger points may develop.

Women have a slightly different elbow anatomy to men. In men, the arms are straighter; women have a larger “carrying angle” to avoid bumping their hands into their wider pelvis.

Women also have 2-19 times more fat content on the inner elbow overlying the funny bone prominence (the ulnar coronoid process). This larger carrying angle seems to reduce the incidence of CuTS. CuTS is 3-8 times more common in men.



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