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How To Make Sure That Your CE Produces a Terrific Return on Investment (ROI)

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Home study CE should be affordable, easy to access, straightforward to learn, and immediately practical.


Take advantage of CE by choosing right, and make your investment work for you

Just about every therapist is required to complete some form of annual or bi-annual continued education (CE).

In essence, CE is a terrific idea, designed to ensure that therapists invest time in learning new techniques and keeping up with latest developments in the very dynamic world of manual therapy.

Benefit or Burden?

Unfortunately, over the years, many therapists have understandably come to regard CE as a burden, rather than a great opportunity to learn new skills and grow their income potential.

Part of the reason for this is that live CE events and workshops (including income-loss, and travel expenses) have grown on average more than 300% over the last 10 years.

Another reason is that over the same time period, online CE courses have become synonymous with "form filling", with many courses being designed for convenience, rather than a focus on valuable and practical education.

Niel Asher Education - a Very Real Difference

If you're one of the over 60,000 therapists who have completed one or more of our courses, you'll know that every course is self-contained, highly specific, and designed to provide you with new skills that you can put to work almost immediately.

This is because all Niel Asher courses are based on easily learned, autonomously reproducible techniques, supported with all the information required for speedy learning and implementation.

Good for Your Business

You'll also know that choosing to use Niel Asher Education as your CE provider is good for your business.

Niel Asher has become one of the most widely recognized brands in manual therapy and is trusted by millions of consumers who interact daily with our online and social media platforms.

This brand recognition generates $m's in revenue for our therapist clients each year, and has grown every year since 1999.

See below some of the compelling reasons to choose Niel Asher Education as your partner for growth.


Our courses are widely accredited for CE with most courses endorsed by leading associations in North America, Australia, and the UK. 

Types of Course Available

On average we release 6 new courses each year. Each course is designed to be self-contained, highly specific (ex. a specific condition, or group of related conditions), and to contain material that is concise (time saving), whilst managing to impart information and skills that can be easily understood, and quickly applied.


Our core commitment to clients when it comes to price and value, is that every course should be affordable to just about every manual therapist.

Our CE courses range in price from $29.95 - $159.95 and are all offered as both print and digital editions.

Digital editions are provided to each client (even when the Print edition has been purchased). This enables us to issue free lifetime updates for every course, with each course being reviewed at least once per year.

Financial Aid Opportunities

If you provide manual therapy services on a charitable or volunteer basis, or if you are less than two years qualified, you may be able to receive Niel Asher courses without payment.

In 2016 we issued over 600 free CE courses. 

Support Resources

We take support seriously. Our investment in support solutions has kept pace with our growing client base. We provide customer support for online store transactions, and clinical support for NAT members.

Most importantly, we ensure that our online systems are robust, accessible, and easy to use, and that we're always there to help out if anyone get's stuck!











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