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Trigger Point Therapy - Treating the Wrist Flexor Muscles

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Medial Overload Syndrome

This covers a range of syndromes related to pain on the inside part of
the elbow (medial epicondyle). The most common syndromes are “pitcher’s/ thrower’s elbow” and climber’s elbow.

These issues usually develop as a result of overuse of the “flexor” muscles used for hand gripping or throwing (check Supinator, Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, Flexor Digitorum Super cialis and Profundus, Palmaris Longus, and the Medial Head of Triceps muscles).

Trigger Points

The repetitive actions of throwing and climbing can place considerable amounts of mechanical stress on the inside of the elbow joint. This stress can create micro-traumata that over time can develop into tendon tears and failure. In most cases, the pain develops slowly and gradually over weeks or months; it is less common for the symptoms to occur suddenly. Initially stiffness is felt. This is probably due to the muscular overload and development of trigger points. Pain and tenderness is then felt over the medial aspect of the elbow joint.

Clients typically report pins and needles or numbness in the fourth or fifth fingers. Wrist weakness may also develop. Pain is reported to be especially bad at night, just before sleep, especially in clients who twist their hands into funny positions beneath their pillows. Pain also increases when using tools, shaking hands, turning a doorknob, gripping, lifting, or trying to stabilize or move the wrist. 


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