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How NAT Saved My Career - Kathy Hill

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The Pain From My Frozen Shoulder Sometimes Made Me Cry

I first saw Simeon Niel Asher in March 2000 with a right sided ‘classic frozen shoulder’ - at least, that is what the surgeon told me. I was in constant pain and couldn’t sleep; it was as if my life was plagued. As a professional model I was using my arms all the time and had to smile for the camera, even though I often wanted to wince. At times the pain actually made me cry.

My problem had been on going for over a year before I saw Simeon. The pain had gradually worsened and then became unbearable. I had been to my GP who had given me two steroid injections; which didn’t help. I had seen a physiotherapist about 30 times and had seen two other Osteopaths and a manipulative physical therapist; all to no avail. I was desperate and when the surgeon told me he wanted to manipulate my shoulder under anesthetic. In truth, I was scared.

When I heard about trigger points and their connection to frozen shoulder, it seemed to make sense. I happened to live near Simeon's clinic and booked myself an appointment with the man himself. By that stage I was willing to gamble on anything that might help ease the pain.

So here's the reason why I offered to write this ...

Within three sessions my pain had disappeared. On the fourth session I was totally cured. Sounds crazy, I know. But it also saved my career, which is why I'm happy to be an "unpaid" ambassador for NAT. And why I've been hooked on trigger point therapy ever since!

The writer of this blog Kathy Hill is a British actress and model. Kathy attended treatment with Simeon Niel Asher for a frozen shoulder and subsequently volunteered to write this testimonial and others. She is not a paid representative of Niel Asher Healthcare. But she is a very grateful recipient of trigger point therapy! 






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